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How Do I Get My Website on the 1st Page of Google?

How Do I Get My Website on the 1st Page of Google?

Did you know 93 percent of online experiences begin with an online search? A significant portion of those searches are done on Google, the world’s leading search engine. This makes ranking well on Google a must if you want your business to grow and succeed.

But how can you get your website to rank on the first page of Google? Continue reading to learn a few of the ways you can help increase your website’s search ranking.

Can the First Page of Google Be Guaranteed?

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a fancy word term for getting your website to rank on higher in the search engines.

If you’ve looked at hiring digital marketing agencies to help with your online marketing, you may see some guaranteeing the first page of results, but can this coveted first page of Google be guaranteed?

Sadly, the answer is no. The algorithm Google uses to rank websites is continually changing, and nobody knows exactly how it works. The good news is that there are ways you can guarantee a better ranking that, with some hard work, should eventually land you on that first page.

Creating High-Quality Content Is First Priority

If you’re ready to rank well, the first thing you want to do is focus on creating high-quality content. This content needs to be helpful, utilize the right keywords, and be formatted for a better user experience.

If possible, try publishing more long-form content, because Google favors longer blog posts (as long as they’re of high quality). This content allows you to go more in-depth about your products, services, industry, and more.

The top-ranking websites also publish more blog content. Start slowly increasing your output to help your website rank better. If you’ve been publishing one blog post a week, aim to publish two instead.

Try scheduling your blog posts in advance, so you never fall behind. Small teams can publish more by getting ahead and outsourcing some of the content writing. In the example above, once a team is comfortable with two posts per week, they can increase to three or four.

Know Which Keywords to Try Ranking for

If your website doesn’t already have high domain authority, you will not get the first page of results for general keywords. A new digital marketing agency will never rank first for “SEO guide.”

That same agency will have a much higher chance of ranking well for a long-tail keyword. These keywords are longer and more specific. That same agency could rank on the first page for “SEO trends for 2020” or “how to target long-tail keywords.”

Other Important SEO Tips for Ranking Well

There are hundreds of factors considered when Google ranks search engine results. Besides the things discussed above, you can use the following to help rank on the first page of Google:

  • Create a high-quality user experience across your website
  • Build quality backlinks to your website
  • Ensure your website is optimized for mobile use
  • Keep page load times low
  • Optimize your metadata (page title and description)

These are only a few things guaranteed to make your website rank better. They may not guarantee the first page individually, but using all of them will give you the best chance.

Do You Have More Questions About Getting on the First Page of Google?

No one can guarantee your website will get on the first page of Google. Using the information above, however, you can get your website to rank significantly higher.

Do you have more questions?

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