What do we do as consultants?

We identify all the technical areas on your website that need some love.

This includes:

  • Rendering
  • Site Architecture
  • Crawling Errors / Crawlability
  • Internationalization/Multilingual
  • Core Web Vitals Optimization
  • Site Migrations

We work with medium to large enterprise companies that are leaders in their space but struggle with their online visibility due to technical issues. These companies need an educated outside set of eyes to identify the issues. We work with your development team to ensure all items identified are implement properly for your tech stack.

What frameworks can we help with

We have experience in various frameworks including WordPress, Angular, Vue, React, Gatsby, and Adobe Experience.


Site Migrations

Site Architecture

Crawling Errors / Crawlability

Internationalization / Multilingual

Core Web Vitals Optimization


IS your site using a JavaScrips framework? One issue that often arises is how robots see the page vs a user. We can help make sure robots will see exactly what you expect them to.

Site Migrations

Migrating to a new domain can be complex and dangerous. It is very important that migrations are done correctly ensuring no loss in rankings.

Site Architecture

We don’t want to give robots a hard time understanding the structure of your site. This can lead to unimportant pages being deemed more important than the ones that are actually the pages you want seen.

How We Do It

Our team explores the systems workflow from every angle, always putting ourselves in the user’s shoes. Our websites are not only aesthetically pleasing; they are easy to navigate with an exceptional user experience.

Discover & Strategize

Every creative journey begins with our team getting to know you and your business through our kickoff questionnaire.

This exercise helps us define, communicate, and realize your vision, before approaching any design work.


We determine the goals of your website, which will dictate the design as it strives to meet this goal.

We map out content structure, based on your goals, and get your approval.

Once you are happy with the plan, we begin the design stage.


Our agency ensures consistent branding materials, such as a logo, colours and fonts.

A mock-up is created, keeping the website goals and structure in mind.

We submit to client for review and approval and then move on to development.


The template framework is developed, as well as any requested specialty  features. 

Content is then uploaded to the website, once it is written and approved.

The final step is Quality Assurance testing to avoid any errors before launching.


Once all testing is completed, your website is transferred to the live server where it will be hosted.

Live testing will be carried out to ensure there are no errors on the live website.


If a monthly plan is purchased – security updates and website backups will occur, and new content will be regularly uploaded.

Local SEO strategies will be implemented to ensure website visibility.

Hello! We’ve Been Expecting You

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